In our public speaking and presentation workshops, you will learn ‘through doing’ in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Questionnaires are completed prior to participating on this course so as we can provide you with specific support based on your individual requirements.

This business presentation course is ideal for professionals who want to gain that competitive edge.  By giving effective presentations, you will engage your audience which will result in more successful outcomes.

When you sign up for this course, you will also receive ‘Perfect Presentation Pointers’ ebook to assist you with your presentations.

On this course you will learn all aspects of structuring presentations, keeping the content ‘audience friendly’ including appropriate use of slides, along with learning essential delivery skills.   There is a psychology behind connecting with your audience – learning this aspect of presentation delivery will give you that competitive edge.

Crafting your Presentation

We focus on content and structure of presentations.

We de-tech and jargon-bust the wording in order to enhance the connection with your audience.

Deliver with Impact

The focus is on your delivery.  How to deliver a memorable message that your audience will be more inclined to act on!

A pre-session questionnaire is completed by each participant so as we can focus specific attention to the needs of each individual.

Anticipated outcomes for participants

  • Inform with confidence
  • Deliver your message with conviction
  • Connect with your audience & keep them engaged
  • Build content for your speech or message
  • Jargon bust in order to engage audience
  • Using the latest in science & psychology of interpersonal communications to captivate your audience
  • Stage choreography
  • Hold your audience’s attention through precise movement and visual anchoring.

These masterclasses are interactive so as everyone gets to hone these skills.  Number of attendees is limited to 10 so as to provide sufficient opportunity to test out the various skills and for everyone to receive individual feedback.

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