Public Workshops

There is a psychology behind connecting with your audience – learning this aspect of presentation delivery will give you that competitive edge.



In our workshops, you will learn ‘through doing’ in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Questionnaires are completed prior to participating on these programs so as we can provide you with specific support based on your individual requirements.  Groups numbers are kept small to ensure optimum learning.  



Craft Your Presentation

We focus on content and structure of presentations. We de-tech and jargon-bust the wording in order to enhance the connection with your audience.

Public Workshops

Deliver with Impact

The focus is on your delivery.  How to deliver a memorable message that your audience will be more inclined to act on! A pre-session questionnaire is completed by each participant so as we can focus specific attention to the needs of each individual.

Communicate with Confidence

Our programs enhance your mindset as well as skillset.  You will tap into your inner champion and confidently communicate your message. 

Public Workshops

Anticipated outcomes for participants

  • Inform with confidence
  • Deliver your message with conviction
  • Connect with your audience & keep them engaged
  • Build content for your speech or message
  • Jargon bust in order to engage audience
  • Using the latest in science & psychology of interpersonal communications to captivate your audience
  • Stage choreography
  • Hold your audience’s attention through precise movement and visual anchoring.

These masterclasses are interactive so as everyone gets to hone these skills.  Number of attendees is limited to 12 so as to provide sufficient opportunity to test out the various skills and for everyone to receive individual feedback.


Your Pitch

Pick up techniques to create a flexible introduction, that shares your expertise and credentials quickly & effectively with people.


With effective Communication, you will learn to hook your audience, keep them engaged during the body of your speech, so as they will be receptive to your ‘call to action’.

Mastering the Pieces to Storytelling

Breathe life into your stories and create captivating content, which will keep your audiences leaning on your every word.

Courageous Conversations to Unlock your Potential

With courageous conversations we can connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.


I had the pleasure of attending one of Karen's Masterclasses recently. Karen delivered a results-orientated workshop where I discovered a formula to quickly and effectively prepare an engaging presentation. We gave our presentation to the group, so even got a bit of practice in too. I'd highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking to up their 'presentation' game. I cannot wait to put these new found skills into practice!

Fiona WalshPowerPoint Coach

Karen is a great communicator and also someone who makes you feel comfortable. Very impressed with the workshop. Really enjoyed it. Great techniques. I got a lot from this workshop and would highly recommend it to others, both within and outside the coaching community.

Bill FitzgeraldSenior Technical Support Engineer

Karen’s workshop was inspiring, eye-opening and exciting. It was amazing to see some of the breakthroughs in the room and I left the workshop feeling invincible – like I could take on the World. The visualisation technique at the end of the workshop helped me to really step into my vision of my future and what potential it and I could have. Thank you so much Karen, you’re amazing!

Lynsey HanrattyBusiness Coach

I really enjoyed Karen’s workshop and got loads out of it. It was really useful to have Karen take me through the techniques in person and I am looking forward to continuing the techniques and getting the benefits from them. I feel empowered and motivated to succeed.

Cian TannerSenior Manager @ Deloitte Ireland

Your Platform Partner

Karen has been a personal growth coach for over 15 years.   Her book, ‘Discover your Inner GPS’ became an Amazon #1  best seller.  Karen helps clients in 1:1 sessions as well as workshops, both online and in person.

Karen O'Donnell

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