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Programs & Workshops for you and your team

One professional aspect of communication relates to how your team interacts with clients, customers and peers.  Equip your team with professional speaking skills to create compelling presentations or avail of one to one coaching sessions.  These presentation programs are tailored towards emerging leaders and individuals seeking to influence others through public speaking.  Gain that edge over your competitors by delivering compelling presentations and enhancing your delivery skills.

My Approach

Public speaking is the most powerful marketing tool you have…. and also the most misused and misunderstood.

The Speaker Coach programs offer fun and interactive workshops where your teams can learn all aspects of structuring presentations, keeping the content ‘audience friendly’ including appropriate use of slides, along with learning essential delivery skills.  There is a psychology behind connecting with your audience – by becoming aware of this aspect of presentation delivery, your team will gain that competitive edge.  With all our programs, we work on the two distinct areas – Mindset & Skillset.

Our Courageous Conversations programs equip participants with the right mindset and tools to ensure effective resolutions to conflict.  When attendees learn to get conversations back on track, progress can be made.  Our Courageous Conversations programs can enhance your working relationship and enhance connection, communication and collaboration in business.

Corporate Programs & Workshops

Dynamic Delivery

The focus is on YOUR delivery.  How to deliver a memorable message that your audience will be compelled to act on!  These in-company programs can be tailored to your teams’ needs, both in content and duration.  Individual programs are available for a specific speaking event. A pre-session questionnaire is completed by each participant so as we can focus specific attention to the needs of each individual.



1:1 Coaching

Creating your Executive Edge Presentation

  • We focus on the content and structure of presentations.
  • We de-tech & jargon-bust the wording in order to enhance the connection with your audience.
  • A vital aspect of presentations is to create compelling content with the P.A.R.T.S. formula.

7Cs to Corporate Storytelling

  • Learn how to engage your audience through captivating storytelling.
  • Develop strong corporate stories to strengthen your brand.
  • Present your stories just like the pros!

From Stress to SUCCESS

In our from stress to success mindset coaching, you will learn how to:

  • Silence self-doubt
  • Increase your confidence; and
  • Step into your own potential and power.

You will pick up techniques to take action and reach your goals in business, your relationships and in your personal life.


Your Pitch

Pick up techniques to create a flexible introduction, that shares your expertise and credentials quickly & effectively with people.


With effective Communication, you will learn to hook your audience, keep them engaged during the body of your speech, so as they will be receptive to your ‘call to action’.

Mastering the Pieces to Storytelling

Breathe life into your stories and create captivating content, which will keep your audiences leaning on your every word.

Courageous Conversations to Unlock your Potential

With courageous conversations we can connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Anticipated outcomes for participants: 

  • Inform with confidence
  • Deliver your message with conviction
  • Connect with your audience & keep them engaged
  • Build content for your speech or message
  • Jargon bust in order to engage audience
  • Using the latest in science & psychology of interpersonal communication to captivate your audience
  • Stage choreography
  • Hold your audience’s attention through precise movement and visual anchoring.
  • Save time with proven and repeatable storytelling formulas
  • Apply little-used delivery ‘tools’ to grab audiences attention, keep them on the edge of their seats and inspire them to act on your message

Communicate With Confidence

Our programs enhance your mindset as well as skillset.  You will tap into your inner champion and confidently communicate your message. 

Giving an engaging and dynamic presentation is a learned skill. 

By mastering this skill you can:

  • Advance Your Career Faster
  • Attract More Clients
  • Make More Money
  • Master This Skill in Less Time
  • Reduce Your Stress

These masterclasses are interactive so as everyone gets to hone these skills.    Number of attendees is limited to 12 so as to provide sufficient opportunity to test out the various skills.  1 to 1 coaching sessions are also available.



Everyone enjoyed the workshop which was both theoretical and practical to ensure we all engaged. With our latest event that is currently being organised, the once petrified presenters are now implementing the techniques that they have been thought by you and actually looking forward to presenting at the event. For any organisations that are looking to give their employees the confidence to present, Karen’s can do attitude and motivational approach will have you speaking in front of an audience in no time at all.

Declan GrantMarketing and Brand Manager

"We were looking for someone to help our software engineers (as well as managers and leaders) to flourish through improving their communications and presentation skills. Karen's credentials really stood out to us, and her engagement style made it straight-forward to tailor a package to suit our needs. Engineers, who typically stand back when it comes to a focus on soft skills, were queuing at the door for the opportunity of this professional engagement. And they weren't disappointed. The feedback received to date is proving it's time well spent, with this response standing out to me, from an experienced yet quiet manager; "I'd go as far to say it was one of the best sessions I have attended in my career". We are delighted with progress to date and wouldn't hesitate in recommending for other organisations."

Dean CaronDirector of IT Delivery, Engineering Excellence (DevOps) @ Unum Ireland

“Karen O’Donnell brings her positive, can-do attitude to every endeavour, and has been a reliable and valued advisor. I look forward to continued collaboration with Karen, and benefitting from her smart ideas, calming presence, and unwavering positivity and support.”

Karen HenryDigital Marketing Strategist, Accenture Dublin

"I've known Karen since December 2015 when I reached out to her with a request for support to help me in my goal of improving the communication skills of my team in work. From day 1 Karen has shown herself to be an extremely positive and supportive person with excellent communication and leadership skills. She exudes energy and has demonstrated that she has vast expertise in the areas of communication and team leadership. As a result, my team has gone from strength to strength. We owe a lot to Karen for all the work that she has done with us."

Paul ThompsonPeople Operations @ Google

Karen’s workshop was brilliant. Delivered with energy and infectious enthusiasm, Karen got everyone in the group engaged and involved throughout the session. The depth of Karen’s experience and expertise shone through as she drew out the less confident team members by encouraging them to be brave, step out of their comfort zone and learn the essential ingredients that make up a successful presentation. The session was fun and fast paced which made it easy to grasp the key points that Karen wished to communication to us. I would highly recommend this workshop to all.

William CotterFounder at Net Affinity, Hotel booking technology

Your Platform Partner

Being part of a world-wide team of coaches ensures that I keep up to date with cutting edge tools and techniques, so as my clients can to leaders, speakers and business owners.

I assist leaders, executives and organisations to create, refine and deliver powerful presentations with compelling business stories.  With The Speaker Coach programs, you can transform your communication.

My initial training was with Toastmasters International where I achieved the award of Distinguished Toastmaster.  I also worked on the district leadership team where I trained the leadership teams in Ireland and the UK.  I took advanced training and became a certified World Class Speaker Coach.  The mindset strategies which I share with clients are outlined in ‘Discover your Inner GPS’ . 

Karen O'Donnell

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