Unlock Your Potential Workshop

In this interactive workshop, I share the story of my near death experience.  My upward journey of recovery required that I uncover deeply held beliefs about myself, look at adopting a more nurturing attitude and I put various goals in place.  This workshop is beneficial for anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves and achieve their goals.  With my insights, I provide attendees with intuitive guidance and simple tools to enhance their own lives.

By questioning their own thinking, I assist people in cultivating a deeper connection to their own true selves and remove the invisible shackles that have kept them from achieving their greatest goals. This is an experiential workshop that looks at Beliefs Attitudes and Goals BAGs.

Emotional Intelligence – The EI Team

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others, a vital component of working with a variety of individuals. This involves a survey that each member completes to determine their likely leadership style.  This is followed by an interactive session – which usually leads to quite a few ‘aha’ moments as participants realise some of their traits and also how much they actually need other people’s traits in order to be a cohesive team!

This particular program brings an ‘awareness’ to the participants and we can also include some ways of incorporating this new knowledge so as the team may work better.   We then finish with some reflective work, where they look at how they can perhaps incorporate these new learnings.

Participants come away with the following:-

a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other’s work styles and approaches;
a deeper understanding of the need for a variety of work styles to make your organisation function;
a deeper sense of team and teamwork; and
a devise and language to help work together better as a team and an organisation.

The EI Team

The net effect is a team which is more emotionally aware of the qualities and communication methods of other members.

Group emotional intelligence is about small acts that make a big difference. It is not about in-depth discussion of ideas; it is about asking a quiet member for his thoughts. It is not about harmony, lack of tension, and all members liking each other; it is about acknowledging when harmony is false, tension is unexpressed, and treating others with respect.

This, of course, feeds into more engaged employees with a positive effect on the bottom line!

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