One to One Business Presentation Coaching

These 1-2-1 presentation programs are tailored towards emerging leaders and individuals seeking to influence others through public speaking.  Gain that edge over your competitors by enhancing your presentation skills.

Standing in front of an audience and reading notes with bland PowerPoint slides is no longer acceptable.  Audiences expect much more.

My clients are experts in their chosen fields, however, if  they do not come across as a confident and competent speaker, then can lose credibility with their audience.  With one to one presentation coaching, you can excel and influence your audience, and speak with authority on your chosen topic!

With these dynamic 1 to 1 programs, you can develop a positive mindset.  You will quickly build your confidence, master your nerves and be totally focused before stepping into the spotlight.

Getting your content right will keep your audience engaged. In this program, you will get assistance with structuring your speech to ensure the purpose is clear, key messages are memorable and the introduction and conclusions are powerful.  Storytelling is key to getting your message across.  This program assists you in creating motivating and inspiring content to engage team members and also connect with clients.   We will explore your organisation’s story and help raise it’s profile within your presentations. Learning how to use PowerPoint effectively is also a key component of this program.

Try our different speaking styles and discover which best suits your personality in order for you to be seen as an authentic speaker.

When you master professional speaking skills you will be seen as the expert in your field.  Learn the psychology behind connecting with your audience!

Within these 1 to 1 sessions, you will receive feedback to guarantee continual progress in becoming an effective public speaker.

Schedule a complimentary call with Karen here, to discuss how best she can assist you with enhancing your presentation skills.  Learn how to deliver a knockout presentation!


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