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Having spent most of my early working life in HR, I up-skilled and worked privately as a Personal Growth Coach.  My clients would quickly develop the mindset to overcome challenges and find working solutions.   Frequently, I would be asked to give workshops or speak at events.  The thought terrified me and would have my heart racing – I would break out in a cold sweat and physically feel nauseous!

Realising that I needed to overcome this lack of confidence with speaking in public, I embarked on a journey to learn the skillset and mindset of communicating in public.    I joined Toastmasters, an international organisation for public speaking and leadership training.  In 2016, I achieved the highest award in Toastmasters, of Distinguished Toastmaster.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on the leadership team where I trained club leaders.  In 2018 I became a certified World Class Speaking Coach.  I was very fortunate to have amazing mentors who taught me proven processes and strategies, which I now share with my clients.   In 2019, my book ‘Discover your Inner GPS’ was published.  This book highlights strategies to enhance your mindset, so as you can achieve success.

Karen O'Donnell


As The Speaker Coach, I work with professionals worldwide and help them to develop their individual speaking style.

I specialise in showing executives and entrepreneurs how to profit from powerful presentations.  Leaders and organisations can transform their speaking skills, so they can move audiences to action.

The art of communicating holds many practical benefits that go far beyond delivering a project presentation or holding a successful meeting. To be an effective speaker, two areas need to be enhanced:

Mindset & Skillset

With our tailor made programs, you will quickly gain the confidence and belief in yourself to deliver engaging presentations and have successful conversations. With proven processes, you can develop the necessary skills to create presentations that are both engaging and memorable, for all the right reasons. With expert coaching you can give your audience an experience, not just a speech. Adopting the right mindset can lead to effective conflict resolution.  Getting conversations back on track quickly will lead to creative thought processes, and paves the way to open, honest and effective communication.  Our Courageous Conversations programs can enhance your working relationship and enhance connection, communication and collaboration in business. With courageous conversations can enhance your working relationship and enhance connection, communication and collaboration in business.

Karen O'Donnell

Learn to Speak with Confidence & Clarity with The Speaker Coach programs

Whether you are speaking at a meeting, presenting to your staff or giving a speech to customers, you can gain confidence and clarity through The Speaker Coach programs.

Professional and practical presentation training delivered with passion and energy. These programs are specifically designed to help you and your team deal with day-to-day public speaking challenges. These programs can help overcome nerves, prepare brilliant speeches and deliver them engagingly. You will notice a permanent shift in communication and presentation skills.

You will pick up powerful tools and techniques and become an influential speaker that people will want to learn from. Effectively use corporate storytelling to engage your audience. You will be the most captivating speaker your company has ever seen.  You will be recognised as the expert in your field. With these communication skills, you will learn how to deliver your message so that it can leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

The art of communicating holds many practical benefits that go far beyond delivering a project presentation or holding a successful meeting.

With expert coaching & a dynamic approach, your teams will be communicating more effectively.  By following a proven process, you can give your audience an experience, not just a speech.

I offer tailor-made coaching on an individual basis, masterclasses for small groups and in-house training. Let’s discuss which option would work for your requirements to achieve your desired outcome.  



"I have developed and co-facilitated workshops with Karen, however it was as a participant at one of her workshops that I gained a deep appreciation for her facilitation style. Karen has a way of engaging participants to get the fullest experience they can, from participating in her workshops. It is obvious Karen researches her material well and interacts in a warm approachable way with the group. I found a shift in my own thinking by being a participant in one of the workshops that has shone light on a block for me that I was not aware was there. Thank you Karen. Keep up the amazing work in your own unique way. "

Sandra LostyThe Recovery Coach

"We were looking for someone to help our software engineers (as well as managers and leaders) to flourish through improving their communications and presentation skills. Karen's credentials really stood out to us, and her engagement style made it straight-forward to tailor a package to suit our needs. Engineers, who typically stand back when it comes to a focus on soft skills, were queuing at the door for the opportunity of this professional engagement. And they weren't disappointed. The feedback received to date is proving it's time well spent, with this response standing out to me, from an experienced yet quiet manager; "I'd go as far to say it was one of the best sessions I have attended in my career". We are delighted with progress to date and wouldn't hesitate in recommending for other organisations."

Dean CaronDirector of IT Delivery, Engineering Excellence (DevOps) @ Unum Ireland

Karen is just brilliant! she is so encouraging. I have always struggled with confidence and within my business I held back because of fear of what others would think. Karen helped me gain effective techniques that helped with imposter syndrome. After just 1 power hour session I felt super motivated! karen gave great tips and ideas. Since then i decided to step out of my own way and not let fear get in my way. thanks Karen

Dominiquea KearnsBeauty Salon owner

“Karen O’Donnell brings her positive, can-do attitude to every endeavour, and has been a reliable and valued advisor. I look forward to continued collaboration with Karen, and benefitting from her smart ideas, calming presence, and unwavering positivity and support.”

Karen HenryDigital Marketing Strategist, Accenture Dublin


Double DTM

Toastmasters, International leading organisation in Public Speaking and Leadership – this is their highest award which they bestow on members who have reached a certain level of excellence.  Karen was also award Toastmaster of the year in 2016

Professional Speakers Association

Karen volunteered her time within the Professional Speakers Association and was awarded Member of the year  (Ireland) 2018

World Class Speaker Coach

Karen completed this intense certification program with her mentor Craig Valentine – World Champion of Public Speaking. (2018)

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